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7 - Presentation Webinar Natural Health Stay - October 2023 @ L'Ermitage d'Akchour


Learn about Natural Health!

(And it's simple)

During this seminar, we shared a few keys to Natural Health and presented the "Fasting and Mobility" stay which will take place from October 15 to 22 at the L'Oréal.Akchour Hermitage

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Well-being Is Non-Negotiable ✊

"I am happy to freely commit myself to the Service of Life in You,

in Us,

in Everything."✨

The gift economy

I'm in favor of a world without money. 

I'd prefer not to have to resort to this vile means of tying us together, but I'd rather not. the level of planetary awareness doesn't yet seem high enough to switch to a cashless world today.

In the meantime, I am offering almost all of my services on the basis ofa free gift.

Throughout the period of social engineering we experienced during the Co-vides pseudo health crisis, I devoted myself almost exclusively to voluntary work. serving the interests of our human communityin particular via my videos and shows.

I now put myself at the service of individuals and legal entities.

The time has come for me to offer my individual services again to those who may have approached me in the past, but to whom I replied in the negative for lack of time and/or practical arrangements. 
Since February 2022, I've finally organized myself to be able to offer private sessions again. All this is done on a free donation basis.

The more we are aligned individually, the more we will evolve collectively.

We all have a role to play in the cosmic score being played out on Earth today with unprecedented intensity. We are literally living a spiritual war...

More than ever convinced that we need to learn to help each other, I'm offering to do my part to help us to transform the epidemic of fear into a pandemic of Love. ❤️

I hope you'll find something to suit your needs in my offer below. You can book directly via the form available on each service or send me a message if there is no availability. 

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My services

short coaching

Seeing clearly to solve temporary difficulties

In the space of half an hour, a Coaching Bref session is designed to enable you tosee more clearly in a specific situation that's causing you problems.

The perspectives and concrete elements that will emerge are often sufficient to enable you toto make concrete progress on your problem.

Cis on free donation as for the rest of my services to Human Beings.

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Holistic Coaching

My most comprehensive support

This is my most comprehensive offer with a 360° approach that requires a sincere commitment from the person wishing to be coached

I offer this form of support as part of thea contract that commits us to each other over a period of several weeks or even months. 

As with everything else, this is done on a voluntary basis.

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Argentine tango

Connecting to oneself through connection with the Other

Tango is simple.
And you already know how to dance it because you know how to walk: step left, step right, step forward, step back... then a 5th element, the pivot. But Argentine Tango is much more than a dance, it's a universe in its own right.

And to understand the true scope of this artYou have to "taste" it the right way.

With me, you won't be learning tango steps, but rather the Art of Connection, which I'll pass on to you from heart to heart, in my Art of Connection workshops, individually or in groups. 

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Integrity Workshop

Developing integrity to withstand adversity

The Integrity Workshop is a group coaching workshop. during which we explore our value of integrity from different angles.

The weekly workshops I offer Saturdays at 7 p.m. are an opportunity to questioning our preconceived ideas and develop greater discernment to the private and public situations we encounter in our lives.   

These workshops are on free donation (I recommend €11.11) and if you can't afford it, you're my guest.

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La Trame

A powerful holistic harmonizing treatment

Certified La Trame Practitioner since September 2019, I offer my care in Moroccoin the city of Agadir. 

La Trame is a powerful holistic technique that restores harmony where there was imbalance, both in terms of emotional and psychological as well as physiological

Sessions are face-to-face, and it's on free donation. ❤️

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Resonance meditation

Get closer to the Truth of the moment

A personally guided session of resonance meditation can quickly relieve you of the weight of what's weighing you down. 

It's more or less like a public Heure du Coeur (available free of charge), with the difference that it is dedicated exclusively to one person, whom I guide in a personalized way to enable him or her to get as close as possible to the Truth of the moment.

It's a free gift.

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Group meditation to raise the collective higher

A resonance meditation enables an entire group to tune into the sacred frequency of our Heart.

It's a great experience to Team-building for a group of people who know each other and live or work together (e.g. a team, a family...). 

The unspoken and misunderstood are then expressed in a non-violent and mostly non-verbal way, giving way to the unifying Spirit of the group. 

Always by free donation, except for institutional customers (price list available by following this link). 

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Anything is possible!

Do you have a specific need?

This page is just a small sample of what I feel I can offer. So much more is possible! 

Conferences, DJ-ing, Qi Gong, workshops of all kinds, Natural Health coaching... 

Don't hesitate to contact me with your specific request.

NB: As a reminder, my Service to Human Beings is done on the basis of the free gift.
For institutional customers, the price list can be found on the linked page. 

Contact me

With patience and kindness, I propose to accompany you on your journey towards the best version of yourself:

  • Coaching Bref: During a 30-minute session, I work with you to help you solve a specific problem. I bring a unique perspective to your situation, so that you come away with concrete actions that can be implemented immediately.
    For this work to be successful, it's important to take the time to answer the various questions specified on the booking form.
  • Holistic CoachingThis is my most comprehensive offer. I offer this form of coaching as part of a contract that commits us to each other over a period of several weeks or months. We meet at least once a week to review your progress in your personal, relational, family, financial or professional development.
    This working format represents a genuine mutual commitment. It's a 360° approach that requires a sincere commitment on the part of the person being coached. I am available between sessions, by e-mail or audio message, to help you move forward as quickly as possible towards your fulfillment.
  • Screening sessionsLa Trame is a holistic harmonization technique designed to restore harmony on all levels of our individual experience. It's a face-to-face technique that takes about 1 hour. I currently practice The Weft in Morocco (more info following the link).
    Groups: Don't hesitate to ask me to organize Trame sessions in your company or in your holistic care space (yoga rooms, etc.).
  • Resonance MeditationA Resonance meditation enables us to raise our vibration above fear, anger, denial... through the physical principle of resonance with the infinite energy of Life that makes our Heart beat. I offer these meditations for individuals or groups. A resonance meditation session lasts between 1h15 and 2h, depending on the number of participants and the format (short or long).
    The Resonance Meditation protocol corresponds more or less to the format of the Hours of the Heart, which I offer publicly and freely every Friday at 7pm. You'll find them on the You(en)Tube playlist dedicated to l'Heure du Coeur.
  • Integrity Workshops: Every Saturday at 7 p.m., I offer a group coaching workshop designed to help us explore our value of integrity together.
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Contact me before booking

If you'd like more info before booking a session with me, you can reach me via WhatsApp, Telegram at +33685782756 or by email at hayssam@hoballah.com

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