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The gift economy

We are currently evolving in Satanist societies (Satan coming from the ancient Aramaic SHATAN, which means density). 

The criminals who manipulate mankind keep the vast majority in ignorance of their true power ofSpiritual being having a material experience and all by means of an unbridled materialism driven by the rampant consumerism of our Satanist societies.

I'd prefer not to have to use it anymore. this vile means of tying us to one another: debt-currencybut I can hardly ignore this essential aspect of survival in our Satanist societies..

Nevertheless, not wishing to actively contribute to the miring of my fellow human beings, I decided in the summer of 2020 to no longer participate in the materialistic economy that keeps us all trapped in debt-money. 

So everything I offer is neither paid nor free. It's free. 

Each person in turn is free, according to their means and sensitivity, to give what they feel is right.

It's by honoring Life in all its forms, within us and around us, by giving thanks to its abundance, to its Infinite Benevolence, that we'll extricate ourselves. all together from the clutches of humanity's controllers.  

Towards a World Without Money...

Crazy as it may seem today, I'm firmly convinced that one day it will come to pass, sooner rather than laterwhere lhe true Art of People (Gratitude) will replace the common convention known as silver - which is in fact debt money created out of nothing at all, and represents at best a convention, at worst a Satanist tool.

I have faith that the Heart will soon take its place again.

It's only a matter of time before the conscious Men and Women of this world realize what is truly valuable - and priceless: Life.

We will then no longer have to resort to the debt currency that allows a handful of tyrants to control the whole of humanity.

Then we'll turn to each other, freed from the fear of lack and greed.

Faith will be our driving force. 

And Joy will once again become our divine right, in Unison

There will then be no need to exchange anything. 

We'll just be free to love and share from who We Each Are. 

❤️ Donations ❤️

Thank you in advance for your willingness to make a donation.

Your moral support is far more valuable to me than your finances.


  1. It doesn't matter how much you donate, it's your willingness that moves me. And I thank you in advance.

  2. If you can't afford to make a donation, don't bother, your intention and your messages of support mean so much to me.

  3. If you can't afford to make a donation and you're grateful for what you've received from Life through me, please don't feel that you owe me anything. It's the Life in each of us that nourishes, heals and makes us grow...

    Everything I contribute is in our interest as One and I give it with all my heart who can receive it.

    Even if it's not through you, I have total Faith that Lifeperhaps through someone else, is sure to give me what I really need in turn, when I need it. 

Here are the different ways you can support me financially.

(if you can afford it, of course) (if not, please refer to the preamble above)
In June (free currency)
Via Wise
(preferred mode)
Credit card possible but requires you to create an account)
By credit card
By bank transfer
(SEPA or Morocco)
Via Paypal
The Ğ1 (pronounced "June") is a Free Currency co-produced by each member of the "web of trust".
Read more

Make a donation in Junes:

Public Key:Fv2s9uMcmtwqNQajQZQAcP4
Username: hayssam

The advantage of Wise is that they don't charge fees for payments between Wise accounts, and you can also make transfers.

Here's my contact information on Wise: 

  • E-mail: hayssam@hoballah.com
  • Phone number: +212605625519
  • Pseudonym: hayssamh5

Direct link to Wise payment by card (click on the button): 

Make a donation via Wise.

You can also send me a bank transfer if you prefer (thanks to Wise again):

Account holderHayssam Hoballah
IBANPHONE NUMBER: BE63 9676 2963 1208
Wise's address (if required)Avenue Louise 54, Room S52

Thank you again.

Make a donation via BilletWeb

If you prefer to proceed by bank transfer:

  • RIB Morocco (Barid Bank)
  • RIB France/SEPA (Wise)
    Account holderHayssam Hoballah
    IBANPHONE NUMBER: BE63 9676 2963 1208
    Wise's address (if required):
    Avenue Louise 54,
    Room S52
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Make a donation via Paypal


Thank you for your generosity!

17 comments on “Donation”

  1. Hi Hayssam, I'm no longer sending you the screenshots of the donation so as not to burden you with my mp's, but I'm paying via your rib.
    Good day to you
    See you Saturday for the Integrity Workshop

    1. Hello Helena,
      Why are you calling me a swindler? Have I wronged you in some way?
      I'm really curious to understand what led you to such a conclusion about me...?
      Thank you in advance for your response!!! ?

  2. Hello Hayssam
    I'd love to take part in your integrity workshops
    For the moment I can't really make any donations, but as soon as I get the chance I will.

  3. Hello Hayssam,

    First of all, thank you for your big heart and all your contribution. Sending by card is indeed complicated, so I used paypal. My small contribution is simply a way of thanking you and encouraging you on your path and the path you've chosen, a beautiful path! With all my gratitude.


  4. Hi Hayssam!

    Greetings from Reunion Island! And a small donation to express my gratitude to you and the quality of your programs, each more luminous and enriching than the last! Always guests with great human qualities, and the world is happy to know that they exist, just like you! Many thanks

    ❤? Elvire

  5. Hello Hayssam,

    My first "encounter" with you was during the show with Natacha Rey and Chloé Frammery. Memorable!

    By "chance", I came across your Live this Sunday evening.
    I was particularly moved by the content, which reinforces something that has vibrated inside me since my first breath: an idealism that, like the needle of a compass, tirelessly pushes me towards the possibility that "things can change".

    Words and thoughts create, by vibration, our tomorrow. It's so simple and yet so inaccessible because of our conditioning. But it's so within our grasp. The energy is so right and simple. All we have to do is focus our attention on what makes us happy, and the field of all possibilities will come to life.
    Our trump card is that the creative vibration is exponential. All it takes is 20% of aware people to reacquaint ourselves with the positive energy that brings us joy, to create our tomorrow.

    Thank you for this evening, which has anchored me a little more to reach out to what brings me joy, serenity and love, and to radiate it around me. Thank you Hayssam! What a pleasure it is to give you this gift. Sincerely yours!

  6. Hello Hayssam,

    I see that my message to you has not appeared. I'd just like to make sure that my PayPal donation found its way to my beloved Morocco. I did a retreat there on the sacred feminine, including 5 days in the desert. Powerful experience. Sincerely yours. Pascal/Obsidian

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