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Cubic salt manufacturing protocol

Dernière mise à jour le 21 juillet 2024
Cubic Salt manufacturing protocol as transmitted by Patrick Burensteinas - hayssamhoballah.com


Salt is used in many traditions to cleanse negative energies, prepare spaces and balance the body's energies. Cubic Salt is even more powerful than simple salt for these tasks...

For my part, I learned how to make Cubic salt a few years ago to clean up the energy in my apartment in Boulogne-Billancourt. I can hardly be objective about the effectiveness of this energy cleansing because, in alchemy, the experimenter plays a major role in experimentation.

In other words, the effectiveness of the cleaning depends on the cleaner, who is himself cleaned at the same time as the place he seeks to clean. ????

Have I made myself clear? ????

What you really need to understand is that this is a alchemical protocol - and not chemical: the result will systematically differ depending on the experimenter.

So expect to be potentially surprised by the different results you'll get from experiment to experiment...

A protocol drawn from the alchemical teachings of Patrick Burensteinas

Patrick Burensteinas explains Alchemy and the principle of the Philosopher's Stone.

Patrick Burensteinas is a modern-day alchemist. He is one of the few initiates to have achieved the Philosopher's Stone; but what makes him special is that, unlike most other initiates, he came out of anonymity in order to pass on his teachings to as many people as possible.

The teachings that I am relaying below were initially transmitted to me by Patrick Burensteinas in writing via his book From Matter to Lightand then again a few years later in person at his seminar on the Alchemical Oratory in which I had the great privilege of participating.

The Essence of Heaven

In alchemy, we speak of 3 main principles that are present in everything:

  1. The Salt principle, which corresponds to what is most fixed in a body
  2. The Sulfur principle, which corresponds to what moves/animates a body (the soul)
  3. The Mercury principle: the spirit

Cubic Salt is the salt of salt, in other words the most "fixing" of all.

Why make Cubic Salt?

Both the Cubic Salt manufacturing process and its installation in the four corners of a home are beneficial.

The manufacturing process itself Cubic salt can be considered a purification practice in its own right, as it requires special attention and intention throughout the process.

Next, the Cubic salt is a pure, powerful salt used in alchemical practices to purify and protect against negative energies.

It is also used in certain spiritual practices

Make your own Cubic salt also ensures quality and provenance.


  • Raw sea salt (grey or Guérande salt)
  • Low mineral content water


  • 1 Non-metallic container but which can be heated (e.g. glass, Pyrex or terracotta saucepans)
  • 1 Flat container (not too high) in glass
  • 1 wire long enough to fit over the flat container
  • 1 Coffee filter raw, untreated chestnuts (more than one if they are fragile and you wish to prepare large quantities of cubic salt)
  • 1 Basin
  • 1 Glass jar with a non-metallic cover


  1. In the non-metallic container, dissolve the raw salt in boiling water until saturated:
    add handfuls of salt one after the other until the salt no longer melts.
  2. Once the solution is saturated, allow the mixture to cool.
  3. Use a coffee filter to strain the saltwater mixture into a glass dish, covering to the height of about 2 cm of saltwater filtrate.
  4. Place the dish and the salt water it contains in a basin.
  5. Place the wire on the surface of the water so that the ends of the wire rest on either side of the wall of the dish.
  6. Place the bowl+platter+water+wire assembly in a dark place where it cannot be moved or come into contact with direct sunlight or moonlight. E.g. under the sink or at the back of a cupboard.
  7. Over time, the salt will separate into three principles: fleur de sel (spirit), cauliflower salt (core) and cubic salt (body).
  8. Recover the fleur de sel (tips) on the wire above the water. You can collect it almost daily and use it to salt your food, for example. This is real fleur de sel.
  9. Recover the cauliflower salt (powder) as it moves up the sides of the dish and crawls into the bowl. You'll certainly be impressed the first time you see this phenomenon. But make sure you pick up this strolling salt regularly, otherwise it'll take over your whole house - and I'm not exaggerating. ???? You can then store it in a closed glass jar with a non-metallic lid and/or release it by burying it in the ground. This salt represents your restlessness.
  10. Recover the cubic salt and put it in another container.

Final notes

The process can take around 2-3 weeks and varies according to the location and the person who made the Salt. A lot of cauliflower salt means a lot of unrest in the place or at the operator's.

Cubic salt can purify energy and must be -in theory- used within 3 months, since beyond that it will have absorbed the surrounding energies anyway.

Cauliflower salt can be used as an energy barrier and to preserve cubic salt indefinitely. To do this, place the cubic salt in a container, which in turn is placed in another container containing cauliflower salt, which will act as a barrier and protect the cubic salt so that it can be preserved indefinitely.

Use cubic salt by placing it in the 4 corners of the area to be cleaned. If it's a large house, you'll need large quantities and at least one dish in each room. 

Once your cubic salt has served its purpose, it's time to return it to the earth - or the sea.

Article written by:

Hayssam Hoballah

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