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Team-Building and Group Coaching

Customized support from Hayssam Hoballah for institutional clients

About us

Hayssam Hoballah is a Holistic Coach specializing in Wellness, Natural Health, Conscious Leadership and Integrity.

Emphasizing emotional intelligence over intellectual, he knows how to quickly and effectively establish a relationship of Trust with an audience, enabling its members to pass major milestones in their individual and collective awareness in the space of a few hours.

Support with Hayssam Hoballah is a singular experience.
More info: https://www.hayssamhoballah.com

For whom?

As a decision-maker in your company, we know how important the well-being of your employees is to you.

Because a successful company is above all a company where life is good, and where its members want to stay, live and grow.

Hayssam Hoballah and Bio & Wood have therefore established an exceptional partnership to provide you with a unique offer in Morocco for all your

  • Team-Building,
  • Company seminars,
  • Group Coaching,
  • Leadership training.
Hayssam Hoballah is rated excellent - trustpilot

Our Experiences for your Employees

Thanks to the vast and singular skills of Hayssam Hoballah, you have access to an atypical offer to delight your employees and enable them to emerge from their stay refreshed and inspired in a very short time.

This offer is adaptable to your needs and new formats and experiences can be imagined and created. at your request. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Here is an overview of some of the Experiences
Hayssam Hoballah and Bio & Bois offer you Ensemble:

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