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L'Ermitage d'Akchour and Hayssam Hoballah
WEBINAR La Santé Naturelle, ça s'apprend! (and it's easy) 8pm / 7pm Sunday, September 24, 2023

On the occasion of the forthcoming Natural Health Stay at the Akchour Hermitage, Ahmed Saad Zniber (Founder of the Hermitage) and Hayssam Hoballah (Holistic Coach) put on an exceptional webinar, the replay of which you can see below.

See the Replay

This webinar is aimed at anyone wishing to develop their autonomy in Natural Health.

We've talked about it:

◾️ The 5 pillars of Natural Health;
◾️ The root cause of disease;
◾️ The vital importance of individual training in Natural Health;
◾️ How to learn from our bodies to make our own health choices;
◾️ Fasting and movement as tools for health;
◾️ L'Ermitage and its setting for Natural Health;
◾️ The approach of the October trip, which will be both a retreat and a training course in Natural Health;
◾️ Questions/Answers

This webinar gives an enriched vision of Natural Health and offers some practical tools to use in your daily life.

See the Replay

(Immediate access)

Are you interested in

Natural Health Stay 

to be held from October 15 to 22, 2023

at the Akchour Hermitage?

>>Visit the Hermitage website<<More about the stay

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