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Holistic Coaching with Hayssam Hoballah

1:1 Holistic Coaching
on free donation

And if we free ourselves consciously what's stopping us unconsciously to be ourselves?

As a Holistic CoachI accompany you in your process of Awareness and Liberation from your current limitations, one mistaken belief after another.

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My vision of Holistic Coaching

Coaching is the art of leading an individual to take full responsibility for his or her Life.

This means giving back to the customer his or her own power to make decisions and take responsibility for them - in other words, empowering the customer to find your own answers to make the changes he needs to make on his own to move forward in his experience of Life.

A scouting role

The role I propose to play is toshed as much light as possible on some aspect of your life to help you find the resources within yourself to see things more clearly.

My main process is the socratic art of maieuticsthe art of asking the right questions to enable my consultants to "give birth" to their own answers.

This has nothing to do with the role of a guideparticularly spiritual. 

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You are your own Guide.

The road to "Nous-M'Aime" can sometimes be so tortuous that we feel in total darkness. That's when it can be helpful to have someone to light the way a little....

That's the whole point of coaching.

Nevertheless, I consider that no one knows us better than we know ourselves.

Cveryone must be their own guide on his Life path, without being dependent on the opinion or validation of others.  

So I'm not here to guide you. all the answers are already within you. 

Rather, it's you, if you invite me, who will show me the way to your destination.

For my part, I'm content to guide you to your destination, pointing you in the direction that seems right to you. a powerful consciousness projector...

The cause of malaise

Each member of our Humanity is a potential miracle of Creativity and Intelligence absolutely unique and irreplaceable. 

Each of us harbors unique resources (unsuspected by others) which, if we were allowed to develop our full potential, would enable us toto illuminate all humanity with his marvellous Being.

But here's the problem:

One day, someone, somewhere, allowed themselves to interfere with our freedom to develop and become fully ourselves. That day, someone thought it appropriate to make us believe that he knew better than we did what was good for us. And we believed.

But this is not true: 

No one is smarter than we are to Live for us.

Unfortunately, on that day, something inside us broke: our own authority.

In other words, our ability to empower ourselves.

We then became dependent on an outside eye for:

  • Or validate us; 
  • Or invalidate us.

And so began the slow, tortuous descent into the hell of never again. to feel able to fully become ourselves...


This enfer-me-ment can and must stop.

The 1:1 Holistic Coaching on free donation is my humble contribution to help our human collective to free itself from the unconscious conditioning we have suffered and to reconnect to our true Nature: Life, Love, Faith, Joy...

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Some answers to your questions

How long does a session last?

The effectiveness of a coaching session is not measured by the time spent, but rather by the relevance of the answers we find together to a problem.

This being said, you can generally count on approximately 1 to 2 hours per session but it can last longer or shorter, depending on the need of the moment.

In any case, the shorter the session, the more effective we've been in finding an answer to your problem.

What is a holistic coaching session?

1. Question

The purpose of a coaching session with me is essentially to help you find the resources within yourself to achieve your goal in one area or another.

To achieve this, we use a questioning approach to explore together the deeper motivations behind your actions, whether conscious or unconscious, voluntary or involuntary.

All the answers are usually already within you, and the aim of a session is just for you to find your own answers to questions you haven't necessarily asked yourself. 

And that's my role: ask the right questionsincluding (especially!) those that upset your limiting beliefs.

2. Free 

We often encounter blockages, imbalances and misalignments that can be "energetically" rectified by the simple force of a clear Intention placed under the protection of the infinite Power of Life. 

So if we can release something during a session, we do. 

How much does it cost?

I work on the principle that well-being is non-negotiable. So I don't sell my services, and my one-to-one coaching is based on a free donation. There is no minimum or maximum amount.
You'll be free to make a donation if you wish at the end of the session (you'll receive an automatic e-mail inviting you to do so).

What do you need for a session?

During the session, make sure you are calm and not distracted by your environment: children, work, etc.

And don't expect any particular urgency right after your session. You may feel the need to take some time for yourself.

Ideally, a session takes place in visio, with the possibility of hearing and seeing each other. If it's not possible to see each other (no webcam, for example), it's of course possible to use audio only, or to call each other by telephone. 

If you'd like to record the session so that you can revisit it or listen to it again later, you can do so. 

Through the maieutic process that will characterize your coaching with me, certain important pieces of information or insights will emerge for you. I recommend that you have a dedicated notebook to take notes in during our sessions, but also to keep track of your change between sessions. This can be a physical notebook, of course, or a digital one if you prefer (eg: Evernote, WorkflowyGoogle Docs, etc).



Is it really free?

NO. It's not free. And it's not paying either. It's FREE. 

Free to give and free to receive. 

Le Libre-Partage

I have good Faith that we are all collectively moving towards a society of Libre-Partage where everyone will finally be free to share what brings them joy, without ever having to worry about that debasing tool of enslavement, money.

For good reason: our life time is invaluable. And the very purpose of Coaching is to help us save life time, so we don't have to keep going round in circles when there are problems we can't solve on our own. Can we really put a value on how much it's worth to help someone see more clearly in their experience of Life?

I don't think so. 

That said, I know that my time of Life is priceless. And so I don't sell it to Human Beings, because nobody can afford to buy it: gives my time.

And I choose who I give it to based on their appreciation of this slice of Life I'm dedicating to them.

The Art of People

This appraisal is what we might call "the best of the best".d'Art des Gens"In other words, each person's ability to express their Gratitude in a way that suits them. This is why I leave it up to each person to decide, according to their means, to make a donation that represents their appreciation of this time of Life shared for their benefit.

It's simple, like Life itself.

Find out more about my approach, visit this page.


Choose a time that suits you. I will then come back to you to confirm that I am available at that time.

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